Special Announcement:

It’s bittersweet to report that I will be leaving Best Made Company.

I founded Best Made almost 10 years ago to the day. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined then what this company would become. I always maintained that Best Made would be a success only if it was bigger than me. That time has come, and so has the time for me to move on. In leaving I will miss the products, the far flung adventures, the wonderful customers and talented partners, but most of all I will miss my team (present and past) and the great gift that it was to collaborate with them in creating the wonderful world of Best Made. I implore you to join me in wishing my team immeasurable success.  Thank you team.

And I would also like to thank the adventurers, tinkerers, curiosity seekers, photographers, writers, artists, customers, chefs, stuntmen, cowboys, and angels who have helped me and Best Made over the last 10 years (see the full list here).

As for me, my plan is to first and foremost catch my breath before I embark on my next venture. And in the meantime I will be working on my first book since I started Best Made, The Field Guide to the Axe (to be published by Harry Abrams in Fall 2020). Since I moved to New York City 23 years a go I have hardly stopped moving. Although I have a million ideas vying for my attention, now is my chance to relish the calm.

Ever onwards,